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Divine Maths!

Scientists have not only been fooled by the relativity theory, they have also lost the capacity to use commonsense. The idea that our perceived world is an illusion (and hence is our commonsense) is so deeply driven into their scientific minds that they are not ready to use their commonsense even if they have some left.

They readily accept weird mathematical models despite obvious contradiction with our every day experiences and commonsense. To support their religiously held weird scientific beliefs, they blame the non-believers for their mathematical illiteracy and inability to appreciate different reference frames.

Ever since the relativity theory (hailed as the greatest scientific discovery), weirdness in science has grown shamelessly because scientists believe that scientific predictions need not obey commonsense.

Recent theory of ‘Horizon model/Holographic universe’ highlights this fact- this weird model predicts that we are ‘living’ in a virtual world and claims that everything we see here including ourselves are merely 3D images. Our ‘reality’ is apparently represented on the 2-dimensional surface of ‘our’ universe called Horizon. So we are ‘living’ (rather playing!) in a 3-D movie that is being projected from the hard copy or the film at the horizon! Our thoughts, emotions, actions and perceptions are not real but are actually programmed at the horizon. This weirdness is accepted as science as it has strong maths. This is the awful state of science now.

The prevailing notion among the scientific community is – no maths, no science. They think that our common sense and reasoning get affected by our perception of the world (which apparently is not real) and hence should not be relied upon. Weirdly, they believe that maths do not get affected by the same despite the fact that maths is based upon reasoning. May be God has gifted them with some ‘divine maths’ that is untouched and unaffected by our earthly illusion sand reasoning!

Relativity and Lord Ganesha

There is an interesting analogy between Ms Light of Relativity and Lord Ganesha of Hindu religion.

According to the Religion of Relativity, Light is always ahead however fast one moves. Even if Mr Neutrino moves faster than Ms Light, Mr Neutrino feels that Ms Light is still ahead of him. This is because Lord Space and Time are with Ms Light.

Similarly, in a race between Ganesha and his brother Kumaraswamy (Murugan), the latter always feels Ganesha is ahead of him despite travelling much faster. This is because of the divine intervention of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi.

So ‘relativity’ is not new but described ages ago in Hindu mythology.