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Big Bang Stupidity

Modern cosmologists, relativists and quantum physicists all seem to have ‘graduated’ from the same ‘faculty of ridiculous science’. All of them strongly believe that Nature is fundamentally weird and hence it doesn’t yield to logic and common sense. And they swear that only mathematics (however stupid that may be!)  can help us understand the weird Nature. So they always construct absurd maths upon stupid notions and resort to weird explanations.

When Maxwell’s equations predicted the speed of Light as ‘C’, the above crowd (not so ridiculous at that time!) with all their intelligence rightly questioned ‘‘speed of light with reference to what?’’ until Einstein mesmerised their minds with his weird relativity.

The same crowd failed to raise a similar question on the Big Bang singularity of infinite density and energy i.e. Infinite with reference to what?

Apparently our universe came into existence when a point of infinite density and energy (dubbed as ‘singularity’) exploded about 15 billion years ago . The weird theorists propose that Time and Space also came into existence only after the Big bang. Apparently space and time didn’t exist before that and even if they had existed, some preach that they shouldn’t influence things in our ‘present’ Universe.

Let’s use a little bit of our commonsense here (relativists and ‘quantumists’ won’t of course).

If the singularity was of infinite density and energy, this was with reference to what?

If we assume that there was ‘nothing’ or no space outside this ‘point’ called singularity, there shouldn’t have been an explosion in the first instance because there was no gradient.

Secondly, if there was ‘nothing’ around the singularity and if big bang would still occur in this scenario, then even an electron or a photon could constitute a point of infiniteness (with respect to the nothing around it) and could trigger a ‘big bang’. But our Universe has much more matter and energy.

Better if the cosmologists understand the real explanation for the ‘red shift’ without falling prey to the bizarre theories of relativity and quantum physics. And Ether model provides a much better explanation for the so called ‘cosmic microwave background radiation’ (CMBR).

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