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I am a general surgeon turned truth seeker and philosopher. I realize that there exist many superstitions in what we study as ‘science’ and which come in the way of Truth. I urge people who call themselves as rationalists and skeptics not to blindly swear by the teachings of ‘science’ but rather continue to remain critical as one would with any other social/religious beliefs. Otherwise the term ‘rational’ would become synonymous with ‘religiousness’, and rationalists would become the religious followers of a religion which portrays itself as Science.

Just by reciting and blindly believing in what is taught as science or by using the latest technology/ gadgets, we can’t claim as being scientific. For us to claim as scientific, we need to correctly understand the Nature. The prevailing notion is that Science, especially physics, is a difficult subject to grasp. But the truth is that true science is never too difficult to understand even for the average minds. To understand Nature, what one requires is just a child’s mind. If students find some science as particularly difficult to comprehend, it is highly likely that they are studying some fake science or mythical stuff. And there is a genuine reason for the prevailing physics phobia amongst the science students. How can we expect children to correctly understand fake science? How can anyone see things that don’t exist unless one deludes or pretends?

Help resurrect true Science and help reestablish peace and harmony in society.

Dr Srinivasa Rao Gonuguntla
Andhra Pradesh

DSE with ‘Cameras’ near the Slits

Why would the interference pattern disappear when we ‘look’ at the Photons?

When scientists put some detectors near the slits and tried to observe through which slit each photon was actually going, apparently the wave pattern disappeared and particle pattern emerged. This lead to another mind blowing conclusion of QM: When photons are not observed, they behave like waves but when someone looks at them they behave like particles.

How can we explain that? i.e. why would the wave pattern disappear when we place ‘cameras’ near the slits and try to observe the photon’s path?

Basically the appearance of wave pattern or particle pattern in DSE is not an all or none phenomenon. Depending upon the set up of the experiment, we may get a purely particle pattern or a purely wave pattern or a combination particle and wave patterns. And neither the wave pattern is specific to waves nor the particle pattern is specific to particles. It all depends upon how we setup the experiment!

By doing some adjustments in the experimental setup, We can make water waves produce particle pattern and also make light waves produce particle pattern

How to make waves produce particle pattern?

Screen Shot 2020-02-28 at 6.40.33 AM

Decrease the distance between the source and the screen
2) Make the slits narrow and deep
3) Increase the distance between the slits
4) Bring the detector screen closer to the first screen
5) And last but most important, decrease the sensitivity of the detector so that it only senses and picks up the strong impacts and not the weak impacts

And if we do that, surely water waves will produce particle pattern and even light will produce particle pattern. i.e only two bands come up on the screen. Also increasing the intensity of light beam will also change the pattern that appears on the detector. i.e wave pattern gives way to ‘particle pattern’.

Observing the photons’ path by keeping some sort of detectors near the slits alters the slit configuration (i.e it narrows/ deepens the slit) and hence the appearance of particle pattern. We don’t have to resort to absurd and mythical notions like photons knowing and changing their behavior when someone observes, ‘collapse’ of wave function etc.

Now, How to make particles produce wave pattern?

Screen Shot 2020-02-28 at 6.41.14 AM

Do exactly the opposite
1) Increase the source to the screen distance
2) Make the slits wide and shallow
3) Make the slits closer to each other
4) Take the detector screen farther away from the first screen, may be to the infinite
and last and most important- Make the screen highly sensitive i.e. it must pick up even the most subtle impact.

if we do that, we can make even our water particles to produce wave pattern outside the water environment. Even bullets, foot balls etc would produce a wave pattern.

So how the detector screen feels something or what pattern the detector screen shows depends upon the set up of the experiment and its sensitivity. Quantum physicists are right here in a way, the same thing may appear as a wave or as a particle depending upon the circumstances and how we look at it.

So waves can be seen behaving as particles and particles behaving as waves.
And that begs the question: Are they both different at all? Are there really two things called waves and particles in Nature? Now we are getting closer to the Truth and able to smell the Non-dual Nature this Creation.

True, there is only one thing. At the most subtle level, that exists as waves and at the gross level, the same manifests as material objects or particles. We may see a ball here. But it is actually a wave in the ether ocean at a more fundamental level. While the gross material form of the ball exists at just one location, its subtle wave form exists all over the space.