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Understanding the Quantum Delusions: Part 1

Unlike truth, understanding a delusion is difficult because the latter will not have clarity and reasoning. And that explains why modern science is difficult to comprehend. Here we will make an attempt to understand how the delusional science of Quantum Physics evolved with all its weird teachings.

To put it in simple words, classical mechanics is the physics of the macroscopic world AND quantum mechanics is the physics of the microscopic subatomic world, otherwise called the quantum world. So while classical mechanics describes the motion of objects and various phenomena and events at a much larger scale, quantum mechanics describes the motion of particles and various phenomena and events at the subatomic level.

In 1901, Max Planck from his work on black body radiation first suggested that energy at the most fundamental level exists in discrete lumps (or quanta) and not as a continuous variable unlike what we think of it in our everyday world. This idea of ‘quantisation’ of energy had caused so much confusion amongst the scientific crowd that it paved way to an entirely new branch of science with weird assumptions and stupid rules. But, despite the confusion it caused, the idea that energy exists in discrete lumps is actually not so weird.

Things in ‘accurate world’
Imagine that we go to a groceries shop and purchase 20kg of rice, 1kg of sugar, 2kg of tomatoes etc. On the way back, we realise that we have a busy schedule ahead and hence may not be able to come for shopping for the next few weeks. So we decide to buy some more stuff. This time we go to a newly opened supermarket called ‘the accurate world’ where we heard that everything is dispensed using highly accurate atomic weighing machines. Apparently their accuracy in measuring weights far exceeds that of the atomic clocks in measuring time! Shop keepers swear by the accuracy of the atomic weighing machines so much that they only dispense things by their weight and never by their volume or number. (For now let’s assume that weight and mass are one and the same for the sake of discussion. In any case the weight of a substance is also a measure of its mass, so we are not committing any blunders by doing so. Of course the eccentric minds of relativists and quantumists may decide to contradict on this just to distract us from uncovering their ignorance!)

As we enter the accurate world, we see a brick shop and we remember that we need some bricks to repair the damaged steps in our portico. We place an order for 10kg of bricks having ‘understood’ the ‘rules’ of the accurate world.The owner replies that each brick in his shop weighs exactly 0.3 kg, so he suggests us to select a quantity that is a multiple of 0.3kg. We think that is fair enough and ask for 9.9 kg of bricks.The shop owner happily dispenses the said quantity using his atomic weighting machine. We count the bricks to make ourselves comfortable- we have 33 bricks.

Now we go to a cereals store and ask for 20kg of rice. The shop keeper feeds the said quantity i.e. 20kg into his computer, looks for a second and replies “sorry sir, you can either have 19.999995kg or 20.000018kg of rice but not 20kg”. Either figure makes no difference to us but we wonder why it is so and we remember that we have purchased 20kg rice without any problem from the groceries shop before coming to the accurate world. Looking at our puzzled faces, the shop keeper adds “each grain of rice in our shop weighs exactly 23mg, so we can only dispense rice in multiples of 23mgs and not in any other quantity”.Though he is not weird, we feel a bit shocked to hear that as we are not used to such level of accuracy while purchasing food grains. But any way we ask for 20.000018kg of rice as this figure sounds little easier than the other. Of course we do have to pay a little extra for that extra grain of rice.

Lastly we go to another shop to buy some water. As we stand in the queue we hear the shop keeper saying to the customer in front of us who asked for 1kg of water “sir, we can only dispense water in multiples of 2.991507×10-26kg which is the weight one molecule of water. So either you can have 1.000000——–2576 kg or 0.999999——-7621 kg of water but not 1kg. And of course there is a slight difference in the price too between the two quantities, roughly about 0.000000000——4376 rupees”. Terrified by the figures in the accurate world, the customer in front feels dizzy and faints. As a team of paramedics promptly come to his rescue, we immediately rush to home, not willing to risk ourselves meeting the same fate.

But what is wrong with things in accurate world? Why do people feel dizzy shopping there? Unlike what we may think, things in accurate world are not actually weird. It is just that we are not used to look at things at such magnification. We imagine water as a continuous variable in our everyday life but at the most fundamental level it actually exists as discreet bits which we call as water molecules. So water is not different from bricks in that regard. We can only buy bricks in multiples of a discreet quantity and so is the case with water. This may appear weird at a superficial level but not so if we look at things deeper.

Same is the case with energy. We are used to think energy as a continuous variable in our everyday life. But we don’t have to believe that our world is weird (and hence abandon our logical sense) if we find energy in discreet bits or quanta at the ultimate level. Matter is granular at the most fundamental level – scientists don’t feel this as weird because they have always imagined matter as particulate stuff. But when they realised that Energy is also granular, they felt weird because they have never imagined energy existing in discrete lumps like matter. Whenever we find something weird in Nature, we shouldn’t conclude that Nature is weird, rather we must take that as our ignorance and lack of correct understanding of it.

So if we can correctly understand energy, energy quanta shouldn’t sound weird! Of course we may never know what exactly is energy and from where this ‘divine’ power comes. And of course our understanding of matter also may never be complete. But lack of understanding is better than misunderstanding something. We usually are aware of our ignorance when we don’t understand things. But it is not so when we misunderstand things. Misunderstanding obviously misleads us and it may be a while before we realise that and restart our journey. That is what the weird theories of relativity and quantum physics have done to us for more than a century, they have simply mislead us and made us go in the wrong direction in our exploration of Nature. Unless we go back and start fresh, we will not know the truth.

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