Science or Mysticism?

Science and mysticism used to be rather opposite things in the past but thanks to the weird theories of modern physics, they both sound one and the same now. And with so many mystical notions creeped into science in the name of modern physics, there remains little place for commonsense and logic in today’s science. Scientists nowadays preach that a particle can exist at multiple locations at the same time, a cat can be both dead and alive, and then things like bending of space, time dilation, time travel, wormholes, parallel universes etc etc…

And students have to faithfully recite and believe in all that mystical stuff which makes no sense. Those who remain sceptical of those weird teachings will not have the blessings of the science gurus, and without which they can’t pursue a career in physics. Ofcourse, the teachers also have no choice but to teach the same weird stuff which they themselves have recited as students. Going against the authorities and challenging the established science would obviously risk their job. Thus, despite all the lies, the mystical theories get passed on and on over generations to be recited as science.

Our scientists claim that their weird theories have been proven by experiment. For them an atomic clock ticking slower in a strong gravitational field is a proof of time dilation. But they have no good answer for why a pendulum clock ticks faster in the same scenario. If time dilation was real, then all physical processes must get slowed down including the oscillation of a pendulum clock, but that doesn’t happen and which proves that time dilation is a myth. But our scientists swear by atomic clocks so much that when an atomic clock melts in a blast furnace, they would interpret that as proof of melting of time.
Basically, every experiment which scientists claim as proof of their weird theories can be explained with just classical physics and without resorting to the mystical and absurd theories of modern physics.
Yes science has given us technology but that doesn’t mean that we have to subscribe to every damn thing that comes with the label science. And invention of technology isn’t a proof that scientists have thorough understanding of the underlying physics. For that matter, radio was invented when scientists knew nothing about the electromagnetic waves.

True science is never that difficult to understand unlike the absurd theories of modern physics. And when you don’t understand a theory, don’t blame upon your intelligence, the problem is mostly with the theory and not with your intelligence. So dear students and respected professors! Never go by faith and believe in everything that scientists preach. Always use reasoning, check the evidence properly and think of alternative explanations when something doesn’t sound logical. Otherwise science would become another religion.

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