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E=mc2 Mania

Mass-energy equivalence is just one of the many delusions of the relativity maniacs like time dilation and space contraction. As is the case with their time dilation delusion, the religious scientific folk claim that their delusion of mass-energy equivalence has been proven beyond doubt, and they argue that nuclear reactors wouldn’t work without their religious theory. We can all agree that nuclear reactors generate power. But if one argues that as proof of mass-energy equivalence and special relativity, then one may argue tape worms as proof of Flat Earth. That is, if one abandons rational thinking, any damn thing can be argued as proof of any shit theory.

The famous equation of E=mc2 and the principle of mass-energy equivalence can’t be correct because

1) They are born out of an absurd theory that is built upon the superstitious belief of constant speed of light.

2) Mass is a scalar quantity while energy is a vector quantity (of course most physicists aren’t intelligent enough to grasp this point). When a force acts upon a body, the body moves in the direction of the force. That is to say that work (and energy) has the same direction as that of the force.

3) From what the mass-energy equivalence principle preaches, I would imagine that when the mass of a substance disappears, it releases an equivalent amount of energy as per the weird formula of E=mc2. But energy in what form? As far as we know the most fundamental form of energy is electromagnetic radiation, in other words photons. So let us presume that 1gm mass of a substance ‘vanishes’ to release ‘x’ joules of energy in the form of photons. But if we manage to add the mass of all the individual photons that are released, that would probably add up to the original mass of the substance which released them. Of course relativists have another superstitious belief to their rescue:- they believe that photons are massless. But how can a particle have no mass but still possess momentum? Obviously only relativity maniacs can accept such weird notions. There are some sane physicists who believe that photons do possess some mass, albeit very small. So it is sensible to believe that 1gm mass of the above substance just got transformed into 1gm mass of photons. So the mass as such is still there and hasn’t disappeared from the world.

4) Energy of a body is relative and depends upon the reference frame of the observer while its mass is not. The mass of an object is measured by its inertia which has nothing to do with the motion of the observer. Of course relativists have a delusional belief that an object’s mass increases with its velocity relative to the observer. They believe that a fast moving object will have more mass (relativistic mass) than when the same is at rest (rest mass). If the mass of a body were to vary with its velocity, it would imply that its value would vary in different directions because velocity is a vector quantity whose value varies depending upon in which direction we measure it. It would imply that mass is a vector quantity which is obviously ridiculous. And if mass were to be a vector quantity, then what is the direction of the rest mass of an object? Like this we can go on talking about the weird religion of relativity forever. And the more we dig into the delusional theory of relativity, the more stupid it becomes. And that is the reason why one can never win arguing against relativists, as the argument proceeds, they turn more and more stupid.

In my view, mass and energy are opposite entities and are not inter-convertable. While mass gives inertia to a body and opposes motion, it is energy which makes the body overcome that inertia and sets that body into motion. That is mass and energy are opposite entities and it would be stupid to imagine one concerting to the other. Energy always manifests itself in the form a moving mass. And without mass and without motion there can be no energy. Potential energy is not a real energy. It just indicates the potential of a body to acquire the said quantity of energy when it is set free in a particular scenario. Just like potential energy, we can also propose potential velocity!