Answering to the religious ‘scientific’ crowd

pimikepi On April 30, 2014 at 8:37 pm Permalink |

There is nothing illogical about the predictions of mathematics. Unfamiliar, yes, but not illogical. Take the Monty Hall problem. Are you going to say that because the prediction seems illogical that the mathematics is false? Put your money where your logic is, then. I will play you, I will follow the mathematics and beat you using mathematics.

QM was the “easy path?” Do you REALLY think they didn’t agonize about it for years? Einstein never accepted the conclusions of QM. It was only with Bell’s Theorem, and its experimental verification, that Einstein was proved wrong. Bell showed that if QM predictions were only due to ignorance, you would get one result, but if QM was fundamentally how nature was, you would get another. The latter case was true.

drgsrinivas  On May 7, 2014 at 3:23 pm  

Nobody here is arguing against the value of correct mathematics built upon correct logic. Just like there exists stupid people like relativists, there also exists stupid mathematics built upon stupid notions. I have only been arguing against that stupid maths.

Mathematics just represents a symbolic version of a logical argument. Something that can be explained in mathematical terms can also be expressed in terms of logical statements. And there isn’t any puzzle that will only ‘yield’ to mathematics but not to logic. Either the puzzle is a stupid one ‘woven’ around a delusion (like your twins’ paradox) or it will yield to both maths and logic.

Are you arguing that Monty Hall paradox can’t be explained by Logic? Unfortunately for your religious crowd, this oft-repeated paradox can be easily solved by simple logic. You want to play with me? No problem, you may come with all your crowd. If I lose I will pay you. If I win I don’t want your money. Only ignorant people crave for money. My only expectation is to set free a poor mind from the clutches of a stupid religion. And let me correct you that Logic can never be unfamiliar; one just has to follow the correct logical sequence. (Of course, even if I were to fail to solve that by Logic, that doesn’t in any case underestimate the value of Logic. That would just indicate my inability. And if you fail to solve a puzzle by Maths; that would just indicate your inability and not that of the Maths per se. It would be stupid to portray a competition between individuals as that between Maths and Logic).

When someone fails to predict things correctly using calculations, it either shows the inability of the person to use the correct method of calculation or it may be that the correct way of calculation is not yet known or devised. (When someone doesn’t know how to add numbers, one would obviously get at a wrong sum. It amounts to stupidity if one blames mathematics for the wrong result). Similarly when people fail to solve a puzzle using logic, the problem is not with the discipline of Logic, but is due to the ignorance and inability of the people to apply the correct logic.

Einstein is surely the most intelligent person amongst your stupid folk. While he managed to ‘convert’ all the ‘scientific’ folk into his ‘religion’ and made them to religiously chant his stupid theory, he remained highly sensible when it came to accepting your other great religious theory – he didn’t fall prey to the quantum religion unlike the rest of your stupid scientific religious folk.

Bell’s theorem only proves the ignorance of your stupid crowd. How can any ignorant and stupid crowd prove or disprove anything? If you presuppose the shape of an egg as a pyramid, then you could ‘prove’ that the oval white thing laid by a hen is not an egg. That is, you can prove and disprove things as per your religious beliefs by making some wrong stupid presuppositions.

I am not exaggerating your pastors’ stupidity at all. This is what they usually do. For example let me tell you how your pastors disproved Ether drag using the so called Aberration of star light. They presupposed that as Earth moves through Ether, if Ether drag was true, it would drag a large blob of Ether around it. But only a stupid mind can accept that presupposition- when a ball moves in air, it wouldn’t drag a blob of air around it. And similarly when a ball moves inside a stationary pool of water, it wouldn’t drag a fixed blob of water around it (see understanding Ether drag and Ether wind). And even if we imagine that we drag a ‘blob’ of air around us as we walk in rain, the rain drops wouldn’t fall straight down unlike what your pastors preach. They would still fall at an angle.

The way your pastors ‘prove’ things reminds me of a saying in Telugu- when a stupid person was asked how many are ‘Pancha Pandavas’ (the five sons of the king Pandu in the epic Mahabharata), he apparently said “they are like the three legs of a cot” and showed two fingers. Not only that he didn’t know how many are pandavas, he also didn’t know how many legs a cot will have. And when someone shows two fingers to represent three, we can imagine how stupid is that someone. Your pastors are not too different.



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