Science versus Truth

We all take it for granted that Science represents Truth or at least believe that Science takes us closer to Truth. Of course by definition that is what Science stands for. But is that what happening in practice? Is that stuff which we are all made to study, chant and believe as Science really taking us closer to Truth?

Obviously we can’t conclude anything as right or wrong just by looking at the surface or by the label that comes with it. Just because some book comes with the label ‘science’, that doesn’t become science or truth. And just because something is written by a person who is employed as a scientist, that doesn’t automatically become science. Also, just because something is accepted by the majority, that again doesn’t become truth. Rather it is Logic and evidence which should decide whether something really constitutes science and whether some scientific theory really represents Truth.

So, to know whether our scientific theories are true and whether our science is really helping us understand our Universe, first we need to carefully study and understand those theories that get taught as science (rather than simply recite them only to reproduce in exams), critically analyze the information and see what the evidence and logic is actually saying. Unlike the prevailing notion amongst the lay public, true science is never too difficult to understand, however deep that goes or however complicated that may sound. To understand Nature, what is required is just commonsense and simple reasoning. 

Most people believe that the various gadgets and technology that we use in our modern life are proof that our science must be correct. So they don’t see any reason to suspect the truthfulness of the established science and they believe it is rather a wasteful exercise for individuals to question what the scientists preach.

But the truth is, to invent gadgets and to build technology, it doesn’t require a deeper understanding of Nature. See Technology and Science. There I have explained why technology and gadgets aren’t proof that our scientists understand the Nature correctly. In fact the various gadgets and technology of our modern society are proof that our scientists are on the wrong path and hence the science they preach. Let me explain why:

The goal of scientifc enquiry is to understand our Nature and Creation. And why we need to understand Nature? Because understanding Nature will help us lead a happy life. So ultimately we all want to live happily. And that is the purpose of scientific enquiry.

Now, people who really understand Nature would realize that everything that they need for happy living come for free in Nature. For example, good food comes for free, good air comes for free, good water is free, good shelter can be built for free and true love comes for free. One may think that good food is not tasty. But taste is not a matter of the food stuff alone. What is tasty for one may taste awful for others. That’s because, as mentioned earlier, taste is not a sole property of the food stuff but to a large extent depends upon how one tunes one’s taste buds and mind. So why not tune our taste buds and enjoy the good food that is freely available in Nature? So people who truly understand Nature don’t see any reason to invent new things because they already have everything that they need.

And all those good things automatically make them healthy. So good health comes for free. If one gets sick, good medicines come for free in Nature. And in theory, true education is also free. People need to pay for only false education. Let me explain that. The goal of education is to gain wisdom. For a teacher to give you wisdom, he must possess that first. Obviously without one having wisdom or knowledge, one can’t make others wise. One who has wisdom i.e. one who understands Nature realizes the above ‘secret’ that all the good things come for free in Nature and that they need to pay only for the bad things i.e readymade foods, pizzas, bottled water, air conditioners, foam mattresses, bad medicines, adulterated love, concrete houses etc etc. So people with true wisdom know that money is not needed for good living and rather could only be harmful. Taking and accumulating stuff that is not needed and which could only be harmful is not something wise people would do. So a true teacher teaches for free.

Thus, I repeat, people who truly understand Nature will realise that all the good things that they need for a happy and healthy living come for free in Nature. And that wisdom instantanously relieves all the tensions and brings them happiness. And they wouldn’t see any reason to invent new things because they already have everything they need: Good food, good water, good air, good shelter, true love, true education etc. 

In other words, people who really understand Nature don’t feel any deficiency in Nature. Deficiency is felt by only those who don’t understand Nature. That is deficiency is a sign of ignorance. And people who feel deficency will work hard and invent new things in an attempt to fill that deficiency. After a brief period of elation, they would feel further deficiency, which then demands an even bigger and costly invention. And the vicious cycle goes on, with cost of living going up, life becoming more and more stressful and competitive, and less and less rewarding. So wise people don’t invent, rather they realise that Nature has already provided them everything they need.

Next, as people understand this Universe and Creation to the deeper level, they will start to renounce things that they already have. They give up or renounce things not because they don’t want to be happy. Rather they are happy even without them, much more happier than when they are in possession of the worldly things. In a way, they are in a state of ecstasy, and clinging to material things will only distract them. Surely they wouldn’t go on inventing new things.

So the fact that we are behind more and more inventions is proof that our science is on the wrong track. Gadgets are actually the harmful byproducts or the false fruits of scientific exploration that only mislead people from the main path of wisdom by ‘bribing’ them with temporary pleasures and making them dependent.

On this blog I have explained why many of the scientific theories that we are made to study and chant are utterly wrong and how modern science has moved farther from Truth. As explained above, the goal of scientific exploration is to understand the Nature correctly. With true wisdom, happiness just flows in. We can say wisdom=happiness. It is not that wisdom helps secure a job and that brings money and money gets house, status, luxuries etc and then comes happiness. No, the path to happiness is never that long. If your wisdom/ knowledge/ education drives you that way, it is certain that you have become a victim of false wisdom. You will keep on running behind things that only tempt you but not really happy. Happiness eludes you all through your life and remains a mirage until you get exhausted and reach the death bed.

Contrary to the prevailing belief, Philosophy is not for the old people. It’s not of much help to them. They have already completed their journey in this world and gone through the agonies of material world, and knowing philosophy of life at that age can’t reverse that suffering that they had gone through. And they are any way going to be ‘blessed’ and liberated from the material world soon whether they know philosophy or not. So philosophy is of little help for the old people. But for youngsters it makes a huge difference. Knowing the philosophy of life at an early age helps people sail the life boat smoothly and effortlessly and makes the journey interesting and joyful from the beginning till the end!!!


  • Frederick W Court  On May 31, 2018 at 7:44 am

    Actually Aether, Patrick Donnelly is exactly what it denotes .ie “Ether”.
    It is not awareness as such in the context of the manifest conditional Cosmos of cause and effect with it’s dualistic play of opposites. It is an aspect actually of what awareness witnesses. Ether is a subtle dimension of reality and it is energetic in display not grossly material in display. Materialistic scientism disallows the notion of subtle energies such as ether. Acupuncture calls it “qi” or “ki”. In the bible “holy spirit ” is termed “pneuma” in the original Greek manuscripts. Holy spirit equates to “prana” in Indian yogas.Prana is deirectly related to the breath.
    Aether is (in the dualistic world that is truly manifested) an object of awareness.
    However in truth Awareness ( not personal attention or personal awareness as manifested in the born and manifest bodymind that manifests as a dualistic display of opposites that will die and change) is eternal , unborn and undying and is the actual True Identity of every human heart. Ether is a mere subtle energetic aspect of the manifest Universe. Awareness or Consciousness Itself Is the Very source and actual Substance of the Universe/Cosmos.Awareness Is unity , all one and ether is simply a manifest aspect.
    In truth there is always paradox as everything Is Unity and in that Unity all objects of manifestation dissolve in one light of Awareness which is your and my true identity. The True Identity of All. Divinity.


  • Frederick W Court  On May 31, 2018 at 8:11 am

    One could say that “Aether” is a form of awareness. Etheric energy is life force.
    Qi in Traditional Han Chinese
    Ki in Japanese
    Prana in Sanskrit
    So as one truly seeks and explores the manifest universe ether is an aspect one comes to. It is even the play of life force in the body mind of every human.It is a part of the spectrum one can witness from gross to subtle.After the etheric is understood ( not conceptually but perceptually and in action of life via true awareness witnessing it) then one can also move to subtler aspects of experience such as psychic energetic understanding.


  • mark ross  On June 1, 2018 at 6:42 am

    Excellent work! Love reading material from someone who thinks clearly and understands how to approach a subject critically. This is yet more evidence that the psuedo science of Einstein is hopelessly flawed and practically a fraudulent plot to befuddle generations of unsuspecting students.


  • Ken Gonder  On August 7, 2018 at 12:02 am

    Congratulations. Excellent site.

    Ken Gonder
    (Einstein’s Hoax on Humanity: The Reality of Relativity)


  • Patrik  On December 19, 2018 at 1:43 am

    This is a very interesting blog that I have learned a lot from. On the subject of real physics I curious to know about your view on rocketry since it’s become pretty clear to me that they cannot function in vaccum because of free expansion


  • L Ron Gardner  On February 20, 2019 at 4:09 am

    Frederick, ether is cosmically, or pranically, charged space and its energy. It is not the Holy Spirit, or Divine Shakti, which is the unmanifest Clear-Light-Energy, or Spirit Power of Divine Consciousness itself. The subtle Ether is created, while the Spirit/Shakti is uncreated.


  • Avri Styrman  On January 11, 2020 at 11:58 pm

    A comment about this notion: “The goal of scientifc enquiry is to understand our Nature and Creation. And why we need to understand Nature? Because understanding Nature will help us lead a happy life. So ultimately we all want to live happily. And that is the purpose of scientific enquiry.”

    You could add that understandable explanations are more prolific of novel predictions than non-understandable explanations.


  • mark  On March 3, 2020 at 4:03 pm

    Unfortunately, as nice as your statements sound about a wonderful bountiful Nature, providing all the things we need for a happy healthy life, This is an idealistic, unrealistic view of Nature.
    There are just as many things in Nature that are happy to see you die a slow and miserable death, as those that provide fresh and bountiful harvest and good health.
    Germs, bacteria, virus, parasites, flies, lions, bears, snakes, spiders, there are a lots of things working against you having a happy and comfortable life. Try living on a 20 acre self sufficient farm, you will soon see that its a constant struggle AGAINST nature if you want to survive.


    • drgsrinivas  On August 16, 2021 at 9:35 pm

      True, there are many dangerous and harmful things in NATURE in addition to the many good things and that’s exactly the reason why I stress about WISDOM here. The wise i.e. people who truly understand Nature, will know what is good and what is bad and also how to keep away from the dangerous stuff and enjoy the good stuff. Obviously, the ignorant can’t make that distinction, so they fall prey to the harmful stuff and succumb to them.
      Also the ignorant who are not aware of the abundancy of good things in Nature will compete with each other and in that rat race, not only do they punish and harm themselves, they also pollute the environment. Lions and bacteria are not the real dangers to the mankind but it is the Ignorance which is the real danger. It drives people mad for money, power and pseudo supremacy and brews jealousy and competition, rages wars and ultimately threatens the entire life on the planet, not just humans.
      For the Wise, life is never a struggle, rather it is like playing slide for them. Yes, for the ignorant, life is a constant struggle.


  • Shamem  On April 1, 2020 at 12:29 pm

    Nature is God.I am Grateful


  • mark  On July 12, 2020 at 6:33 am

    I could not leave a reply in the Muon topic, but I could post here.

    The real explanation for Muons.

    Here are the actual facts about the muon experiment, and a reasonable explanation as to why some scientists think there is some problem for Einstein to solve, when there really is not.

    You saw muons on a mountain, you saw muons at sea level.

    You believed that there should not have been so many at sea level, so Time and Distance MUST shrink!

    That is the accurate summary of the experiment along with your conclusion.

    Now why did you think that you had too many muons at sea level? There actually are the right amount there, but you just for some reason believed they should not be.

    Well, you decided that muons are short lived, very short lived.

    But how did you come to that conclusion?

    You measured how long they lived as they were found in the upper atmosphere?

    No you did not!

    You captured some, slowed them down from near light speed, to practically stopped, THEN you saw how long they lived for!

    This is exactly like taking a fish from a tank, placing it on the floor and deciding that fish only live for two minutes.

    What I’m pointing out is that Relativists are too quick to jump to the conclusion that fits into their pre existing beliefs, ignoring other possibilities.


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