The Goddess of Relativity

Relativity teaches that ‘Goddess Light’ is the fastest thing in this Universe and that ‘She’ appears to travel at the same speed to all the observers irrespective of their relative motion.

One may not have any objection to accept the first part i.e. nothing may travel faster than the speed of Light (3×108m/sec). But the second part of this religious teaching is definitely weird to those who believe in commonsense- How could the relative speed of Light remain the same to differently moving observers? How could Light appear to travel at the same speed (3×108m/sec) to both a ‘stationary’ observer and to a Neutrino travelling at close to the speed of Light.

Of course religious teachings often look weird but they do have deeper meaning.

The secret here lies with Mr Time who can run slow or fast to keep the speed of Light constant. He ‘ticks’ (and tricks!) differently to different observers so that every observer feels that Light is travelling at same speed ahead of them.

As Light travels from A to B, Mr Time may tick 100 seconds for us ‘stationary’ on this Earth, but for the same event He may tick only 10 seconds for those zooming in a rocket and may not tick at all for the Neutrino trying to overtake Light.

In fact if the Neutrino tries to travel faster than Light, Mr Time ticks backwards into the past for the poor neutrino and allows the Light to zoom ahead of it.

In this race between the Light and the Neutrino, Mr Space also acts against the poor Neutrino. During the flight from A to B, Mr Space dilates or ‘lengthens’ for the Neutrino, so the Neutrino has to travel a long distance than Light for the same flight.

If Mr Time wants to favour, He can make the snail zoom faster than Ms Light and can make Ms Light crawling slower than the snail.

Though it appears against commonsense, it’s not impossible. It’s like a teacher changing the facts so that his pet student always scores top marks and stands 1st in the class.

And also like an umpire tampering with the rules at his will and making his team always win! Plenty of similar examples of this kind of extreme selfishness can also be found in politics.

So we have to imagine that Mr Time is extremely partial to Ms Light, He doesn’t allow anybody else to travel even closer to the speed of Light. He appears to ‘run’ or ‘tick’ differently to different observers and mesmerises so much that everybody (including a stationary observer, an electron or a neutrino) irrespective of their own speed, agrees that Ms Light travels ahead of them at 3×108m/sec.

All this may sound absurd to those who cling to commonsense and logic. But relativists’ religion preaches that our world is an illusion and hence we shouldn’t rely upon our reasoning and logic as they could get affected by our earthly illusions.

Luckily, unlike our reasoning and logic, our maths does not get influenced by the same illusions despite the fact that maths is ultimately based upon reasoning. One may ask why but there is no scope for rational argument and we should simply consider our mathematics as a divine path to realise the ultimate reality or the Gods of relativity.

To join in this religion of Relativity, we should first abandon our commonsense and logic, and try to understand the divine maths and believe in its weird predictions. Then only we can experience the Gods of Time and Space who dictate our reality.

For those who find this path difficult, the advice is to think as irrational as possible. Some weird maths will surely show the divine path to the Relativity God.

May God bless you all (and take away all your commonsense!)

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