Ultimate Reality-A Scientific Mirage

Each time when the scientists come out with a new model of the universe or discover a new particle, they feel that they are only one step away from the ultimate reality. Scientists have been making relentless efforts to uncover this ‘last and final’ secret of nature ever since the history of science. Modern science eagerly waits for this ‘Theory of Everything’ (TOE) which can explain everything about the Universe from the ‘beginning’ and up to the ‘end’. TOE is the buzz word of the modern science workers.

It is true that science has made tremendous advances in understanding the Nature and one can understand the scientists’ quest to discover the ultimate fundamental particles and unravel the ultimate mechanics of Creation. But scientists don’t realize that material science can never lead them to understand the ultimate reality. They are only peeling the layers of the infinitely covered ‘onion’.

One doesn’t need complex maths or understand the weird science to say that the electron (and other particles which the scientists consider as ‘fundamental’) must be made of something more fundamental.

Of course if scientists realize this fact, they no longer remain as scientists but become philosophers and spiritualists, and this would be a great loss to the material world!

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