Education in Mother Tongue

Dear Fellow Seekers,

Happy New Year 2020.

You may be wondering about my recent posts written in TELUGU, my mother tongue. I have put them up for the sake of Telugu people, and basically reiterating the value of mother tongue, especially as a medium of instruction in schools and how it helps in the overall development of children. I am trying to convey the point that at least the primary education must be in one’s mother tongue, if not the higher education. Our newly elected state government has decided to abolish Telugu as the medium of instruction altogether in our state run schools and going for English medium instead. Of course there also exists a mad liking for english in the population as a whole. And by this revolutionary policy, our leaders claim that they are doing a great favor to the poor, majority of whom study in state run schools.

In their eagerness to gain political mileage, they are putting an entire culture and tradition at stake and they don’t realize that they are also meddling with children’s psychological and social development. Culture and traditions in any part of the world represent the ‘ruins’ of ancient true wisdom and if we let that go, society will go totally mad.

After Hindi, Telugu is the largest spoken language in India, more than 10 crore people speak/ know Telugu. Though the British have left India long back, the leaders and people of India have still remained mentally deprived and they look towards the West for everything. They have already abandoned Sanskrit and now other regional languages are also being ignored in their undue fascination for English. Indians have lost their original thinking and they are thriving upon borrowed technology and knowledge. In essence, they have become copy cats. Otherwise, the nation would have seen many great philosophers, not just CEOs and fake Gurus. Even the spiritual Gurus of modern India have fallen prey to the Western sciences, in fact they are in a worse state of mind, they neither seem to understand the Hindu philosophy nor do they know the modern sciences but they keep drawing artificial parallels between the two in their eagerness to promote their religious teachings to the educated youth.

My final point, which I didn’t highlight in my TELUGU posts, is that education as such is a bad thing in this modern world and that in English or any foreign language is only going to be worse. The last and final protection to mankind against the evil forces in Nature comes in the form of poverty and remoteness. But man’s ‘kindness’ towards his fellow beings has helped overcome that barriers; he is now spreading his self destructive knowledge to the last bunch of people who are leading a good life. In this educated spoilt society, kindness is a dangerous trait for people to possess! I think, rather than trying to convey the Truth and make this society better, which is any way beyond any one’s capacity, one must learn to enjoy watching the events as the Divine plan unfolds and the ‘Annihilation’ or ‘Laya’ takes place. Now I find this world highly interesting and fascinating. I think I am blessed!!!

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