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Understanding Consciousness- Where to start from?

Surely understanding of consciousness and mind constitutes the highest order of knowledge that mankind can ever get to know. The science of consciousness not only gives insights into the functioning of mind and the whereabouts of consciousness but also helps us understand the Universe as a whole to its most fundamental level.

But the enlightenment that comes from that knowledge liberates people from the narrow material world and broadens their perspective so much that they would see the entire universe as just one thing. It is like someone realizing that he/she is in-charge of a whole state rather than just one family.

So the more one gets enlightened and understands the nonmaterial concepts like consciousness, the less one would remain accessible to the ordinary minds trapped in our material world. So, unlike the case with material sciences where it is possible for people to interact/speak with the experts in the field and learn from them, that ‘passive learning’ from the experts seems rather impossible in spiritual science. The reason is that as I said before, spiritual knowledge liberates people from the material world and elevates them to the highest level of consciousness. For the spiritually enlightened, the entire material world and human race probably amount to nothing in this infinite and eternal Universe, let alone for them to get moved by the ‘fictitious problems’ that enormously bother our mankind! So we can’t expect the spiritual masters to teach us about consciousness or help us experience the higher order spiritual phenomena. Rather each of us will have to actively explore the nonmaterial world individually and seek the truth individually.

But where to start from? I believe that the phenomena of our material world and those of the spiritual/ nonmaterial world are not mutually exclusive but represent a continuum of Truth, and so it should be possible for us to take cues from the material world and reach the nonmaterial world. In fact, for our modern scientific minds caught by materialism, this is probably the only path to reach/understand/experience the spiritual world. So an accurate and solid understanding of the material world would be of immense help for those aspiring to explore and understand the nonmaterial phenomena. But where do we stand now with regard to our understanding of the physical universe? Is there a solid platform of material science from where we could take off into the mystical world? Unfortunately, the scientific platform on which we stand today is rather marshy and messy, that anyone who tries to take off from there towards the nonmaterial world would only get buried deeper and deeper into the delusions of the material world. So unless we rebuild science from the basement and create a robust and solid platform of material science, we wouldn’t be able to really explore/explain/experience the nonmaterial concepts like consciousness and mind. And without that, whatever we speak about consciousness etc is only going to be more irrational and unscientific than the our understanding of the material world itself.

On this blog, I attempt to assemble and put the pieces of the material science in right order to accomplish the goal of building a strong physical platform which would help us ‘dive’ successfully into the nonmaterial world. Without doubt, Ether model takes our understanding of the material universe to the most fundamental level. It not only provides a rational explanation for the double slit experiment, it also  provides a physical framework for many mysterious phenomena like gravity, inertia, red shift and explains the so called electromagnetic waves in crystal clear terms.